Comments by instructor Rafael Alarcón (pictured, above):

Photo No. 1: A powerful, repeating swing starts with a solid, athletic posture, and all of Lorena’s fundamentals are extremely sound.

Photo No. 2: Lorena starts the backswing with a one-piecepush-away of the left shoulder and forearm. This action is a key to herswing's excellent rhythm.

Photo Nos. 4-5: Here you can see Lorena’s full shoulder turn and coil — a tremendous amount of energy has been stored and awaits release.

Photo No. 6: This is a powerful move into the ball with the lower body leading the way.

Photo No. 7: Impact doesn't get much better than this flawlessposition. Lorena's arms are fully extended, her shoulders are parallelto the target and her hips continue to move forward and turn. This iswhy her ball-striking is so consistent.

Photo No. 8: Note how her right arm fully releases and unloads all the pent-up power.

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