Another botched toss for Tiger?

You’ve probably seen by now the clip of Tiger Woods getting booed by Cal fans last weekend at the Stanford-Cal football game, where he was on hand as honorary captain, coin-tosser and Stanford Athletics Hall of Fame inductee. (Video below.)

Whether or not they were getting on Tiger for his accidental driver-toss into the gallery in Australia last week is still unclear.

Though I would like to bring attention to what seems like another botched toss, this time with his flip of the coin before the game.

I’ve watched it a few times now. Best effort? No way. I expected better, higher, even if the coin was a little heavy. His biceps are bigger than a pile of range balls.

In golf terms, it looks like he went with the 4-degree driver instead of the 89-degree wedge.

A good coin toss, in my opinion, forces everyone in the surrounding area to lift their heads up as the coin reaches its peak.

This one only got a slight head jerk, not that anyone noticed.

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