Hope among long list of celeb names to fade away

The Bob Hope Classic is now the Humana Challenge. Humana would have been more humane by keeping Hope in the title, but then you might say the change was inevitable. Tournaments have been replacing entertainers’ names with corporate identification for decades in trying to maximize revenue.

Some in the golf would slap a logo on their mother’s forehead if it meant bringing in six figures. That happens to be the world in which we live, for better or worse.

It’s to Hope’s credit that his name had more legs than anyone else’s. The list of entertainers he outlasted in tournament titles is long and impressive. 

Replaced previously were the likes of Bing Crosby (Pebble Beach), Danny Thomas (Memphis), Glen Campbell (Los Angeles), Jackie Gleason (Fort Lauderdale), Dean Martin and Joe Garagiola (Tucson), Sammy Davis Jr. (Hartford), Andy Williams (San Diego), Dinah Shore and Frank Sinatra (Palm Springs) and Ed McMahon (Quad Cities).

Nostalgia types, don’t despair. We still have Justin Timberlake and, yes, Jamie Farr.

Viva J.T. and Cpl. Maxwell Q. Klinger.

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