Q&A: Marty Jertson, senior design engineer, Ping

Marty Jertson is a senior design engineer for Ping. As a professional, he qualified for the 2011 and ’12 PGA Championships and was a star of the 25th PGA Cup in 2011, going 4-0 as the U.S. team defeated Great Britain & Ireland, 17½-8½.

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What’s the difference between the G25 driver and the Anser driver, which was released late last summer?

The G25 is a medium low-spinning driver. The Anser is the lowest-spinning driver we’ve ever made. As a result, the G25 will fit a bigger segment of players, from touring pros to beginner golfers. Obviously they would need different shafts, but the driver head is optimized in every way and will perform well for a variety of golfers.

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Why would Watson choose a driver with more spin?

Bubba naturally creates very slow spin with his driver. And he likes to curve the ball. So driver spin helps him. He’s always gravitated toward our G Series drivers, and, as you know, he used a G20 driver when he won the Masters.

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What does the G25 driver look like at address?

The profile from front to back is substantially bigger. It looks very powerful. The face area is a tiny bit bigger, too.

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Why do the G25 hybrids look more like woods than irons?

There’s a big change here. We went away from the iron style. These are more like our traditional wood shape. The internal weighting is really cool, so we were able to control the trajectory in all the G25 hybrids. The range is from 17 degrees to 31 degrees. We’ve got more spin and more height in the lower lofts, but the higher lofts don’t balloon up there and spin out of control.

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How did you fine-tune the G25 irons?

The sole isn’t quite as wide as it was on the G20. The G25 has a sleeker look, and we put more emphasis on playability. At the same time, we put a lot of technology into the back cavity so we could keep the same forgiveness.

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What makes titanium drivers so much better today?

It is design expertise and experience, combined with being able to make the wall thickness thinner. This allows all manufacturers to fully utilize the 460cc volume to create a big face and clubhead. The big face boosts ball speed; it’s like jumping on a bigger trampoline. The big clubhead increases inertia, which provides forgiveness.

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