Oakley’s G30 lenses designed for the active golfer

Oakley’s golf-specific eyewear is designed for the active golfer to see the course and his or her surroundings.

The Flak Jacket, Radarlock and Fast Jacket are the three-sport performance pieces designed for golfers. The Radarlock and Fast Jacket comes with Switchlock technology, allowing the player to switch lenses during various lighting conditions. The G30 lenses are designed to help improve depth perception, enhance color contrast and spot subtle variations in grain and contour.

“Oakley sunglasses are essential equipment for any golfer looking to improve their game,” said Nathan Strange, Oakley’s head of global marketing for golf.

Along with the golf collection, Oakley has introduced the G30 lenses in a lifestyle-type frame, which includes the Fuel Cell and Holbrook.

The eyewear comes in various colors. Custom order are available at Cost: $100-100

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