Avid golfer Smoltz inducted into MLB Hall of Fame

Former Atlanta Braves star pitcher John Smoltz was inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday.

Smoltz, who joins Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and Craig Biggio in this year’s class, excelled as both a starting pitcher and a closer for the Braves, leading the National League in both wins and saves at different points in his career, helping the Braves to the 1995 World Series title, and capturing the 1996 NL Cy Young Award.

He is also a talented golfer, and has shown interest in pursuing a second career as a professional golfer.

Smoltz is a scratch player and made a start on the Nationwide Tour, now called the Tour, in 2011, missing the cut at the South Georgia Classic. He has also made a few attempts at qualifying for the U.S. Open, most recently playing local qualifying in 2013, and has played several local tournaments in Georgia, as well as an annual celebrity tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nev.

He also built an extensive backyard at his home in Georgia about five years ago, complete with his own golf course. He put the property up for sale in 2013, but check out the above video of Smoltz’s own field of dreams.

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