U.S. Open: Bradley, Kirk and Hoffman scripted TravisMathew polos

Here are the scripted TravisMathew polos that Keegan Bradley, Chris Kirk and Charley Hoffman will wear at the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay (color in parentheses):

• • •

Keegan Bradley

THURSDAY: Browning polo (white), $84.95

FRIDAY: Sierak polo (iris), $84.95

SATURDAY: Denum polo (grey), $84.95

SUNDAY: Willow polo (cardinal), $84.95

• • •

Chris Kirk

THURSDAY: Balboa polo (white), $84.95

FRIDAY: Timber polo (heather grey), $84.95

SATURDAY: Carl Spackler polo (celestial), $79.95

SUNDAY: Hannibal polo (black), $84.95

• • •

Charley Hoffman

THURSDAY: Bueller polo (grey), $84.95

FRIDAY: Diggler polo (white), $74.95

SATURDAY: Chachi polo (black), $84.95

SUNDAY: OG polo (bosphorus), $74.95

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